RS ultimate via work, install evering thing, but dotCover commands not showing up in Vs2013 (the only one I"m testing)

We have a resharper ultimate license at work.

Pulled down latest installer to get dotcover working.

Installed dotCover vs2010- vs2022 (explicitly including vs2013)

When i run the unit test session or explorer there are no cover realted options in the menu.

There is no Resharper| Cover option on themain menu bar.

It's like it's not installed. 

Even if my lisc is not current(which is should be, resharper 2023.2.3 is working) i'm in the 30 day free window.

Why is it not installing properly


I did a cold boot just in case and no joy. I'm in the middle of uninstalling and reinstalling just dotCover.


After that I'm hard stuck, unable to use a tool we're paying for.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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There are two possible issues:

  • Please check the dotCover license is present and applied under Extensions | ReSharper | Help | License Information..
  • Verify the dotCover is enabled at ReSharper | Options | Environment | Products & Features

If nothing helps, please let me know.




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