Profiler attach failed (HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

Hi community,

we're trying to come up with the diagnostics sidecar approach in our k8s env and we have an issue with attaching to process using dotMemory or dotTrace either. --profiling-type=Timeline works fine for dotTrace.

if dotMemory console profiler is located in the app container, it works well too, but not from diagnostic container.

Some details about k8s deployment:

  • shareProcessNamespace: true
  • common /tmp folder shared between both containers in a pod

dotMemory trace log is here:

Upload id: 2023_08_17_bsRZkG8FMgdQVvrg7DAvQk (file: dotmemory.log)

(you can find this in YT too)

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Please follow this article to solve the issue.

The issue was that the profiled process didn't have access to the profiler’s .dll files.

You can solve this by moving the dotMemory command line profiler files to a folder accessible from both containers and running dotmemory attach command from this folder.


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