Dot Memory Plugin for MacOS - Cannot Select Time Period on Graph & Hence Cannot Access Show Allocation Details

Using the dot memory plugin for Rider on MacOs, I cannot select a period of time on the graph timeline and as a result I cannot see the allocation details for any periods when memory profiling. If I turn full allocation data off and on sometimes it allows selection of a period of the graph but it is extremely buggy and you cannot select the period that you want. This option is also not available with the New UI feature so this also needs to be disabled.

Official comment

Only the time period from GC to GC is available for selection. Is it possible that your application is not allocating enough memory to run garbage collection? Could you please share a screencast or screenshot with us?

Hi Ed, thanks for the response. I did not know that and I've tried forcing GC which allows me to select the time periods between each. Thanks


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