dot memory dump import doesn't load call stack


I can't get  call statck info for dot memory  import dump feature

no allocation info was collected during profiling error is coming 

What is the reason for the error , under what condition we will get call stack


Thanks in Advance 


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Call stack data collecting are available only if you start application under profiler. If you want to collect call stacks and traffic data you need to enable "Start collecting allocation data immediately" flag in profiling options or use "Collect Allocations" button to enable it during profiling session.

Call stack and memory traffic data is not available for already running applications.Thus, you can't get them for process dump or if you attach profiler to already running process.

About mentioned profiling error: could you please describe in details what error occurs?

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What I understood is that Memory analyzer can't be used for finding the stack trace causing the crash and different thread info which is available in tools like WinDbg
Also Creation stack trace is possible for an allocated memory only if some options are enabled from the beginning
is there an option to collect the memory allocation information.
is it possible to set environment variable like COR_PRF_ENABLE_OBJECT_ALLOCATED and get the call stack from a machine where memory analyzer is not available.

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We can get information about call stacks for the threads from process dump but this feature is not implemented yet:

Thus, we plan to implement it for snapshots taken in dotMemory:


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Tnx , it is great
hope variable values also will be shown

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> variable values

Did you mean field values?

If you meant this, they are already presented for the object instance:


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