dotmemory cannot load dotnet core app's memory dump due to missing DAC info

Hello, I got a problem using dotmemory, here are the details;


App details:

- dotnet core 1.1 application(can be execute with dotnet.exe foo.dll in cmd)

- the only dotnet app running on the instance

- ... n AWS Windows server instance


Memory dump details:

- collected from production machine, via procdump64 i.e. $ procdump64 -ma dotnet.exe

(within 5-minute intervals)


Dotmemory details:

- 2017.2.2 within Resharper ultimate

- ...with VS2015 professional



- I cannot open the dump, as dotmemory says missing DAC around microsoft silverlight

- I placed my dump in local test machine's build directory i.e. with dlls

- Imported via "Import Dump(beta)" and it shows an error message: screenshot below


Any advices? Thank you in advance.

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Could you please try to perform the following:

- Put .dmp file to separate folder.

- Via dotMemory Home menu perform "Pack Debugger Libs" or press Ctrl+P in dotMemory window. Save .zip archive to the folder with .dmp file.

- Unpack debugger libs to the same folder where .dmp is located.

- Try to import .dmp file again.

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Besides, please use "Pack Debugger Libs" on the machine where dump was taken. If dotMemory isn't installed on machine, you can find all mscordaccore*.dll files manually and copy them to to the same folder where .dmp is located.

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I stumbled into this issue as well, using dotMemory 2018.1. The above mentioned workaround does work, although I used the same machine to analyze and make the dump so it shouldn't be required as far as I can see.

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Hi, it's known issue and we'll work on it:

Could you please describe some more details about your environment? We're interested in your application's .net framework version, Windows version, .NET Frameworks installed on your machine.

Could we ask you to install a special build with additional logs enabled? These logs will contain data about where are we searching for debugger libs. Please create a ticket in support system if you agree. You can do it via "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page.


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