Is it possible to hide the DotPeek-created comments when exporting projects?

I dropped a backup of an assembly into DotPeek and exported it to a VS project. I then did the same for a new version of the same dll. I use my diff'ing tool, BeyondCompare, to compare the exported directories. I can see my code differences but I also get these comments inserted by DotPeek. These are kind of raising false-positives. BeyondCompare lets me turn off minor differences but I'd rather not. See below for a sample comment block at the top of a file that DotPeek creates during the export process:

// Decompiled with JetBrains decompiler
// Type: planBL.planClaim
// Assembly: planBL, Version=1.0.6537.27148, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
// MVID: AF7ACC60-EF0B-4F42-BBE2-256E6668C8D8
// Assembly location: C:\Temp\Bin1\planBL.dll

Naturally, every file has a different GUID for example. Is it it possible to configure DotPeek so that it doesn't generate these comment blocks? I can't find anything but it would be useful. I can find the files I made code changes to but the inserted comment block are getting in the way so to speak. Short of writing a small app to strip them out I'd like to know if they can be optionally removed when DotPeek exports projects. Is it possible?

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i have exactly the same problem!


possible or not ?


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