Feature Request: Save and Run with certain file types


Hi, I do a lot of front and back-end work with large solutions and it can become tiresome having to let dotCover run continuous testing sessions whenever I save a front-end file (read: js/html/css). I need to keep the test runner watching because I'll be making C# changes at the same time, however when I start doing front-end work for X minutes or hours, I don't want to have the test runner executing every time I save a front-end file, which will be quite frequent.

What would be nice to see is the ability to use the "On 'Save' Build & Run Dirty Tests" feature for specific file types/extensions. In my case, I would only like it to save and run when I save a *.cs file, or exclude *.js|*.html|*.scss.




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This would also be really useful for me

Alexander Mikhailov
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we have this issue in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DCVR-7644

you are welcome to vote and track it's status


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