Can't debug source code of System.Windows.Forms assembly.

Hi All

I performed the configuration of dotPeek to work as Symbol Server.

I works and I can debug assembles in Visual Studio 2017.

By default dotPeek doesn't add System.Windows.Forms in Assembly Explorer.

So I added System.Windows.Forms.dll from GAC and restarted Symbol Server as "Asseblies opened in Assembly Exlporer".

I tried to start and Debug Simple WinForms application but I can debug objects in System.Windows.Forms assembly doesn't have source code.

although System.Windows.Forms.pdb file present in:



I cleared C:\Users\BDV\AppData\Local\Temp\SymbolCache folder to download all files from http://localhost:33417.

In the Debuging->Symbols only "http://localhost:33417" is checked so the VS can't download pdb from other places.

Also Pdb Generation Status doesn't show information about generation System.Windows.Forms.pdb file but System.Windows.Forms.pdb appears in the SymbolCache folder while starting WinForms program and downloading pdb files.

I'm assuming that the Visual Studio does not request this pdb file from Symbol Server but takes it from some internal buffers.

But I don't know how to clear this buffer. I cleared C:\Users\BDV\AppData\Local\Temp\SymbolCache. So before start debuging the SymbolCache folder is empty.

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Most likely, System.Windows.Forms.pdb is downloadded from MS Symbol Servers. To avoid that, please uncheck correcsponding checkbox in Symbol file (.pdb) locations options in "Tools | Options | Debugging | Symbols" dialog in VS.




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