"Development server not found"


We are trying out dotCover 17.2, but we are having trouble getting it to run in Visual Studio on one machine.

This is with VS2017 Community with an ASP.NET 2.0 app.  The web project is the Startup project.  We clicked "View in Browser" on it and IIS Express 10 is showing in the tray running at http://localhost:1149/

Now when we go to ReShaper > Cover > Cover Startup Project.  There is a warning and when we go to Advanced, it shows "Development server not found" and the dropdown doesn't have anything to select.

So, this is on our tester's box and that machine is firewalled although they were able to use the web installer.  If I try it on my machine without the firewall in VS2012 , I get the same dialog but the Server dropdown is pre-selected with a value.  Also, if I try it on my machine without the firewall in VS2017 Pro, I see a different dialog without the "Server dropdown" option.  It works fine for me, but not our tester.

Not sure how to move forward.  Does dotCover support VS2017 Community?  Do we need to install something else on that machine?  Does dotCover need to call home and is being firewalled?

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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello, Jamie,

I wasn't able to reproduce such behaviour. Maybe you could create a minimal repro for us? It looks like your solution is configured in a way that we didn't expect.


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