Dotcover with SoapUI


I have one .net webservice hosted on IIS. I want to cover that using dotcover but I am not using any browser. I am calling that using SoapUI.

I have installed dotcover and followed these steps-

1. File->Cover Appliation

2. In the dialog box I selected IIS (IIS-hosted web application)

3. On the right side I provided the URL. There is one dropdown for browser. 

At step I need SoapUI becasue I am not using any browser to call my webservice. How can I get the dotcover coverage using SoapUI?


Hello Mukulendra Singh,

I am not familiar with SoapUI. Could you please tell how your launch sequence looks without dotCover?


We are testing our API and this is hosted on IIS server.

We are using SoapUI tool to send soap request. The request is in xml format and we get response in xml format. See the attached image in which left side is request xml and right is response xml. We are not using any browser.


Ok, so this SoapUI does not start IIS, right?

Then here is what you can try:

1) Stop current IIS instance

2) File->Cover Application->IIS, uncheck "Open URL", then hit "Run", 

dotCover controller window will spawn:

3) Execute SoapUI

4) Press "Get Snapshot and wait" in dotCover controller


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