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I am using dot cover for measuring coverage of my web application. I am using Service bus for processing messages recieved in an Async method.

I am not able to get coverage of async method called by Service bus but I am only able to get coverage of REST API's called. 

Is there any way that I can get coverage of code called by service bus?

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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello Raza Ashfaq,

I can't help you much with service bus. But will try to do my best with dotCover. The most common reasons for partial coverage are:

1) dotCover covers .NET processes that were started by dotCover(or descendants). If your code is located in another process tree it won't be covered

2) If PDB files are not available

3) If some kind of postprocessing or code generation is used. In this case actual code that was executed might not match PDBs

Does anything above resembles your case?


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