DotPeek although already using ReSharper?

I have a (maybe silly) question about dotPeek & ReSharper.

Does make any sense to install both in the same machine? I know ReSharper has an "dotPeek" out-of-the-box and dotPeek ist a standalone app, so does it make sense to use both in a machine and if yes why? Why can I do with dotPeek that I can do with ReSharper and viveversa?

Same question do I have with dotMemory and dotTrace, makes sense to install them along ReSharper?

Thank you in advance :)



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Indeed, dotPeek has almost every feature available in R#. The only features that are absent at the moment are:

- Show compiler-generated code checkbox

- Metadata view for assemblies and portable pdb files

- Properties for items from Assembly Explorer

Also, dotPeek can be run as a 64-bit process, while VS is 32 bit.


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