DotMemory hangs when profiling app with ~30GB memory usage

I have a server application that uses ~30GB of memory. I can attach dotMemory to it but when pressing "Get Snapshot" I see the progress bar hanging (no activity for >20 minutes) in the "Saving snapshot" stage. I tried profiling the app during startup where memory usage was lower (~2GB) and this completed successfully. I reproduced this 3 times - the first two using remote profiling the last running locally.

I am running dotMemory 2017.1.1.

I can provide additional details if needed.


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First, could you please update dotMemory version to 2017.1.2?

How many objects do you have in your snapshot which was taken successfully?

dotMemory can profile applications with ~20-30 million objects, and memory usage of profiled app is limited only by your system and hardware specifications. Probably your system resources is not enough for large snapshot. Please check RAM and disk space during snapshot saving.

Also please collect dotMemory logs:

  • Close standalone dotMemory and Visual Studio with integrated dotMemory
  • Clear %temp%\JetLogs folder
  • Put LogConfiguration.xml file ( to the %localappdata%\JetBrains\dotMemory\v[N] folder
  • Go to dotMemory installation folder: %localappdata%\JetBrains\Installations\dotMemory[N]
  • Using Windows command-line start dotMemory with arguments: /LogLevel=Trace
  • Start creating a profiling session (e.g., on dotMemory Home page, choose Local)
  • In the Profile Application window, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11
  • In the Expert options dialog window, select the Enable logs checkbox (only this checkbox)
  • Click Save
  • Run the profiling session
  • Get snapshot, wait ~10 minutes
  • Stop profiling session and close dotMemory
  • Look for logs in the %temp%\JetLogs folder. Please zip all log files and send them to us

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