dotCover coverage fails with portable pdb


I'm switching to the new 2017 csproj format and using the default pbd option 'portable'. I read a few posts that this should be supported in 2017.1. Locally it fails unless i uncheck the 'include not loaded solution assemblies into coverage results'. On TeamCity build, i see this error (using version 2017.1.20170428.83814):

[Step 4/8] [JetBrains dotCover] Coverage session finished with errors: PDB server error: Zero #GUID stream index [location] = C:\Build Agent\work\f532b5455ffc19e9\Profiler\Kernel\Windows\Native\Solution\core\src\Pdb\pdb_bridge.cpp(190) [function] = void __cdecl jetbrains::profiler::pdb_bridge::send_receive_command(const char *,enum jetbrains::profiler::pdb_bridge::time_key,enum jetbrains::profiler::pdb_bridge::time_key,enum jetbrains::profiler::pdb_bridge_config::command,enum jetbrains::profiler::pdb_bridge_config::answer,class std::function<void __cdecl(struct IWriteCoreStream *)>,class std::function<void __cdecl(struct IReadCoreStream *)>).
[18:45:58][Step 4/8] Process exited with code -2
Is the portable format supported or do i have to go with full still?

Hello Mikulas,

Portable pdb format is supposed to be fully supported by dotCover 2017.1.

Could you please start Visual Studio with ReSharper logs enabled, reproduce the issue and send us log files?

In order to enable logs, please start Visual Studio with "/resharper.logfile" command line switch. Logs will be saved to %TEMP%/JetLogs directory. Please cleanup this directory before starting Visual Studio.


Hello Mikulas,

Could you please also send other log-files from JetLogs directory? E.g. files named like this: JetBrainsLog.JetBrains.[DateTime].JetBrains_dotCover_WorkspaceHost#[N].log.


Here is a zip with all log files:

11 AM is the first run and 2 PM is the second (all portable) run


Thanks for the information!

I can see from the logs that there are some problems with reading coverage snapshot files. Could you please send me one of the damaged snapshots for the further analysis? In order to get the snapshot file please execute the following actions:

- remove all "ssm*.tmp*", "ssc*.tmp*" and "ssd*.tmp*" files from your %TEMP% folder (please make backup copies in order to restore the files after the experiment);

- start VS with "/ReSharper.KeepIntermediateData" command line switch (please remove "/ReSharper.LogFile" switch);

- reproduce the issue and send me all newly created "ssm*.tmp*", "ssc*.tmp*" and "ssd*.tmp*" files.

Thanks in advance!

Also could you please tell me do you use any tools that can change the compiled code (like obfuscators or PostSharp)?


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