WPF / Pism crash after taking snapshot

Resharper Ultimate:  2016.3.2
DotMemory:  2016.3.2
Visual studio 2017
Windows 7
Prism 6.3.0

The issue is as follows. 

Start up software using the dotmemory startup project memory profiling.
Get Snapshot
Enter page: 
Page fails to load, and going back crashes the software.

If I don't take a snapshot, everything works fine.  Also if I enter the page, exit, take another snaphot and enter the page, it also works fine.

After playing around for a while, it looks like the problem is (in part at least) with ninject.  I removed some parameters from the viewmodel constructor and there's no more crash, I'm just wondering how taking a snapshot could somehow interfere with IoC.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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I've put a more detailed version of this question on stackoverflow.  



Might even be something prism related rather than just ninject, still investigating.


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