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I'm trying to do a bit of coverage analysis on a legacy system. One of the issues is we have many tests which cover the same ground - some of these can be deleted safely. 

So I am trying to find tests which do not test any code which isn't covered by another test. I was hoping to be able to extract this from the dotcover report. If I run dotcover in Visual Studio I can see "show covering tests" which, if I had in a document I could use to infer the answers I want. 

But, in the dotcover report ( I have looked at all the versions, created at the command line from the original .dcvr using the report command) I can't see any equivalent to the "show covering tests" data.

Is there any way for me to get this data in a file which I can parse?


Many thanks


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Hi Jonny,

Unfortunately, no. "Show Covering Tests" feature is available only in dotCover integrated into Visual Studio.


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