DotCover TeamCity Hanging


I have a nightly build with code coverage enabled, if i turn code coverage off the build completes.

As soon as I turn code coverage on it hangs after all the tests have passed.

I've tried using both the TC bundled or a specify home directory for dotcover )

Below is what i see once tests have passed and waiting for coverage.

Viewing thread dump

I've also enabled the dotcover log configuration setting, while the build is running the dot cover logs are empty.


Build configuration



TeamCity : 10.0.4 (build 42538)

DotCover :  JetBrains dotCover Console Runner 2016.3.2. Build 107.0.20170126.121718

Nunit 3 Console : 3.6.1




Wondered if this was because we are running in Release, tried the same in Debug.

And am at the same point with no logs and not completing.



Hello, David!

To investigate this issue we need dotCover logs. Unfortunately they are copied to output directory only after build step is finished. But in this case it hangs and you will need to extract them manually from an agent.

Please launch dotCover with this additional command line parameters: "/loglevel verbose /logfile"


Logs might be saved to different locations, so please check them all:

  • %<process user temp dir>%/JetLogs/ – all "*.log" files
  • %<process user temp dir>%/ – all files matching "lgc.*.tmp" mask

To minimise amount of log files please clear mentioned locations before launching coverage



I have the same issue. Was this issue resolved?



Hi there,
We've also experienced this issue with dotCover (2017.1.20170407.131846). In our case it is caused by a test that uses Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager to compile some project file. (the test validates that this project compiles as we deploy it as part of a SDK). We've excluded these tests so our build do not hang.
Hope this helps.


We had the same problem. JetBrains.Profiler.Windows.PdbServer.exe asked for .Net framework 3.5 in hidden window and waited for user input. Problem was resolved after .Net framework 3.5 installation.


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