InvalidProgramException after upgrading dotCover from 2.0.425.72 to 2016.1


After upgrading our TeamCity server out test coverage builds are failing with an exception:

System.InvalidProgramException: Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program.

All other unit test configurations run fine on the same code. Looking at the logs the only difference we see is the dotCover version. Old and new both using Nunit 2.6.2 under .NET 4.0 x86. Coverage builds still work fine on old server using the same code. The agents were just pointed to the new server, no OS or tools changed.

Any thoughts?


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Hello Robert,

Could you please turn on dotCover logging and send us log files? For that, please set configuration parameter teamcity.agent.dotCover.log with path to logs folder for dotCover. All log files will be placed there and TeamCity will publish zipped logs to .teamcity/.NETCoverage/ artifacts path.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.


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