Highlight Colors in DotCover disappeared


Recently I updated R# to the current version. Also recently I used DotCover and found that the highlighting feature changed. Instead of the fat green and red background colors inside the VS editor, there are very subtle bars on the left of the editor. This is much much worse than it was before. The Options dialog says, I can configure highlight colors in the VS Colors options. But I could not figure out how I can configure it to be something similar as before - with background coloring.

Am I correct, that the recent update of R# Ultimate is the readons for this change to the worse?

Is there a way to get serious code highlighting again?


Thank you

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We've added a possibility to switch code highlighting mode (markers/colored background/both) in the latest ReSharper 2017.1 EAP. You are welcome to try it: https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/eap/

Best regards.

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Thank you for clarifying that this was a change in R#. The possibility to switch sounds very good. I will try the EAP as soon as VS 2017 final is released.


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