Does dotTrace support net core apps?

The latest version of dotTrace has an option for profiling net core apps but I am running into following issues:

- I am not being able to attach to an already running net core process. The list of processes shown under the section "Attach to process" does not show net core processes. Is this expected?


- When I tried to profile a net core app with dotTrace (by starting the process from within dotTrace), looks like no CPU samples were collected. Can someone help me with this?


Hi Harsh,


About attaching - yes, it is expected because CoreCLR currently doesn't support attach. As soon as Microsoft implement this feature we will add it to dotTrace.

About the issue - do you see a profiling controller with realtime graph when you start profiling? Is "Get snapshot" button enabled in it?


When does dotTrace support .NET Core Web Application profiling?


Best regards,



Hi Colin,

dotTrace currently supports .NET Core Web Applications profiling. Please note that in order to use Timeline profiling mode you need to update .NET Core runtime to the latest available version.


Has there been any progress on using dotTrace with .net core applications? The latest version of dotTrace seemingly supports launching local standalone .net core apps based on the launch menu. However when I try to do that I'm left with a message near the bottom right stating ".net core tools not found"


Austin, I tink you have to install SDK of dotnet core.

I have dotTrace working with dotnet core web applications.


Hi, I am trying to use dotTrace for .Net core libraries but it is not working properly. as its show window with message "Waiting for a managed application to start" and does not give me option for get snapshot




Did you start profiling from ".NET Core Application" section of dotTrace Home? If so, could you please create a support ticket ("Submit a request" button in the upper right corner)?


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