Using environment variables in dotCover CoverageParams xml file


I'm using dotCover 2016.3.1 command line version to generate code coverage reports. I'm passing all my parameters (including a long list of filters) by putting them all inside an xml file.

I set some environment variables to determine if my app is being built for x86/x64 and Debug/Release so the value of parameters inside the XML file (such as TargetArguments and TargetWorkingDir) would have to be determined at runtime by reading these environment variables.

Is there a way to tell dotCover to read these environment variables when parsing the XML file? For example in Visual Studio you can use $(SomeVariable) but that does not work in dotCover. When I run "dotCover.exe cover MyParams.xml" I see that $(SomeVariable) is not resolved to its value.

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I didn't realize that you can call dotCover.exe with a mix of params that come from command line and XML file.

So I figured out a workaround. I use a batch file to call dot cover and for params that need to get their values from environment variables I specify them in the batch file. But for filters I specify them in the XML file (since I have a lot of filters and managing them in an XML file is neater).

So the call would be something like: dotCover.exe cover /TargetArguments="%MyVariable%" MyOtherParams.xml

It would still be nice to be able to use environment variable directly in the XML file though.

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Hi Meisam,

Great it works fine for you now!
I've opened a feature request:, you are welcome to follow and vote for it.


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