Using dotCover with VS to cover IIS application, but "Connection actively refused by host..."


I'm trying to get some coverage reports from dotCover for one of my WebApplications.

Before starting the monitoring I have checked that the application is responding.

I start monitoring by "Resharper->Cover->CoverApplication", and choose IIS, and the correct URL (http://localhost/App).

It seems like everything is starting up correctly.

When the application is trying to ask a web-service(also on localhost) it gets the "Connection actively refused by host.." error.

This web-service also asks another web-service for data.

And after that, I can't access the application again, and no other applications on the IIS either. Tried recycling the app-pool, and restarting IIS, but no. After rebooting the machine, the applications answer again.

Anybody know what I have to do to get the application to access a web-service, when dotcover is active.



Knut Harald


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