dotCover Command Line Tools Licence


The JetBrains.dotCover.CommandLineTools NuGet package has the licence at

The dotCover command-line tools download page at links to a different licence at

The wording in the two licences is considerably different. While the latter licence fits with the tool being described as 'free-of-charge', the former is seemingly for a subscription-based licensing model. We'd like our teams to be able to run the command line tools on their build servers, but even if all developers have dotUltimate subscriptions, clause 3.2(B)(i) in the NuGet licence would prevent us from doing so:

(B) You may not:

(i) allow the same Subscription to be used concurrently by more than one (1) User, unless the Product is provided to Product Holder via a Floating License Server as specified in Section 6.3(C);

Which is the correct licence, or does the licence in force depend on how the dotCover Command Line Tools are obtained? 



Official comment

Hello Mat.
Thank you for your message and I'm sorry for the delay with reply. is the correct one.
The license in the nuget package has been updated accordingly, the fix will be available as a part of the 2023.3 release.

Thanks for clarifying!


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