Where can I download previous versions of dotTrace?

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this should be sorted in descending order with the newest on the top. Downloaded 3.x thinking it was the most recent version since that is how most sites sort it seems to me



Thanks for the suggestion. I've just re-sorted the list so that the newest release is on top.


I have been bumping along with a very old version of dotTrace - 4.5(.1).

I upgraded Resharper, and along with that installed the next version of dotTrace 5.5(.9). We have a .NET 2.0 application under maintenance.

Trying to execute dotTrace on this application is not showing, presumably because it's filtered on .NET 4.0 applications.

Is there a table of dotTrace (and other) versions against support for .NET frameworks (and Visual Studio versions for that matter).

Thanks in advance.



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