Cannot profile single instance application


When profiling application from dotMemory, Timeline is grayed out with "Timeline is not available for this type of application" text. All controller buttons ("Get Snapshot", "Force GC", "Detach", etc.) are disabled or don't exist at all.

Possible case:

You are trying to profile single instance application, which is already running. dotMemory cannot start profiling this type of apps, if they were already started.


Verify that application is not running and close it before pressing the "Profile" button (from dotMemory or "Profile Startup Project Memory" from VS).

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I'm having this issue on a console app. I try to run it from Resharper>Profile>Profile Project Startup Memory and my symptoms are the same as described above. This console app is not running at all until DotMemory starts it. The console app completes as expected.


I tried all these commands, but for me the following worked well:

  • lodctr /r

This will rebuild the performance counters.

Congrats for dotMemory, great product!



Thanks Andre. After running the lodctr /r command it starting working.


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