How to get dotCover core logs

  1. Close Visual Studio with integrated dotCover.
  2. Go to your Temp folder (you can find its location by performing 'cd %Temp%' in command line).
  3. Find 'JetLogs' folder and delete it.
  4. Launch Visual Studio.
  5. Before running coverage analysis of tests press Ctrl+Shift+Alt and keep holding it until Coverage Configuration window is displayed after you start coverage.
  6. In Coverage Configuration window press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F11 to enable expert options.
  7. Click 'Expert options' button.
  8. Enable "Enable logs" checkbox (only this checkbox).
  9. Click "OK"  and run coverage analysis.
  10. Perform actions that lead to issue.
  11. Close Visual Studio.
  12. Logs are now located in 'JetLogs' folder.

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