Do I need a license to use dotCover console runner?

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Hey guys, the license agreement link is down (error 404).



I don't know how that answer answered the question?

If I want to use the Command Line Tool on a server as part of a CI Pipeline (not using Team City), what would be the appropriate license tu purchase?

Or is that free?



There are no additional actions required to start using dotCover Command Line Tool. You just have to read, agree and follow the License Agreement for dotCover Command Line Tools.


Hello, sorry but I'm confused about licensing. The license linked in this FAQ grants permission to use dotCover command line for free without restrictions. However

  • When I download dotCover for Linux from I'm greeted with “Thank you for downloading dotCover! You can evaluate full-featured dotCover for 30 days without a license key.” (emphasis from the download page)
  • The downloaded archive itself, JetBrains.dotCover.CommandLineTools.linux-x64.2023.2.3.tar.gz, contains License/ dated September 22, 2021 which doesn't even have a free to use clause. It's either a subscription, a license key, or a license server.

Knowing JetBrains I believe that the permissive license from this FAQ is the one that applies. But my belief is not sufficient for Legal. Is there a legally binding agreement that explicitly overrides one in the archive? Maybe update the license in the archive? What is the deal with the 30 days warning on the download page, can it be removed?


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